March 2013

Five Tips for Better Boat Organization

By Adam Smith -  Hey guys, I was out in my boat doing a little organizing and thought I would share a few things that have helped me organize my gear to help reach maximum time fishing on the water and lead to less clutter. I have listed 5 things that I have found useful and hope you can find something to help be more organized on the water. Tip #1  Lay all your gear out and become familiar
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Bomber Square A Crankbaits

Company Description: Bomber Square A Crankbaits feature top quality components and construction in great, fish catching colors. These crankbaits dive down to approximately 3 feet, perfect for running over fallen timber and weed beds and through heavy cover. The square lip design features chamfered edges that give these cranks an irresistible wide wobble while allowing them to bounce off and
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Where to Find Bass

By Rick Lawrence (A.K.A The Fish-N-Fool ) -  Let’s talk a little bit on how and where to find bass. First off let me say that bass lake structures vary greatly across the country. Bass lakes range from the huge shallow lakes of Florida, to the deep muddy reservoirs in Virginia, or the deep super clear lakes in California. Wood is Good However some things hold true in almost any place you
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