April 5, 2013

Get Ready for the Feast: Freshwater Fish Preparation Tips

By Joe Blanchard - There is nothing better than bringing home the day’s catch and preparing your freshwater feast for all to enjoy. Although catching your meal may have been fun, but no easy task, nothing spoils the moment like serving burnt or improperly handled fish.
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Create the All American Beer Hamburger

By Joe Blanchard - Basically this is a burger recipe that does not take long to put together nor has too much fluffy stuff in it and can be modified with many different ingredients depending on your tastes.
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Fisn-N-Fool Lures Super Slow Fall Jig and Kick-N-Fool trailer

EZ Angler Review: Right out the package, it’s quite noticeable the Super Slow Fall Jig offers something uniquely different. We threw the Black –N-Blue Super Slow Fall Jig and Kick-N-Fool trailer for our initial review. This system uses a 1/4 oz. lead football jig-head and weighs 3/8 oz. Despite its weight the jig offers a very slow fall presentation. The gradual decent is made possible by a
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