July 1, 2013

Jack Hooks’ Knotless Hooks

Canton Ohio-based Jack Hooks has without question come up with an interesting concept that can help save time and in some cases the aggravation of tying knots through traditional eye hooks. We can see the use of a knotless hook being especially beneficial for novice anglers, children (tested positive with a six and eight-year old), those suffering from arthritis or physical limitations and
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Sit In It or Sit On It: Choosing the Right Freshwater Fishing Kayak

By Brent Watters – To sit in or to sit on? That is the question many freshwater anglers ask when considering purchasing their first kayak. In the end, it comes down to personal choice but it’s good to understand the differences and potential pluses and minuses. Kayak fishing adds a whole new dimension to the activity of fishing; especially if you have been staring off out onto the
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