August 2, 2013

What’s the Best Bass Lure On the Market?

By Dwayne Parsons - The dichotomous answer to what’s the best lure on the market, is enough to make one chuckle. The simple part is, “whatever works!” But that’s about as good an answer as “do the right thing!” to someone who really wants to know. The truth of the answer is that there is no best lure. It’s the fisherman’s knowledge of bass, the species, their habitat and habits that
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How To Choose A Spinnerbait

By Kevin O’Neil - The spinnerbait is a must-have lure for bass fishermen and while most know of its successful design as a lure, not all know the differences in spinnerbait designs or how to tell when specific designs are more appropriate than others. To become comfortable with the spinnerbait you must understand how it functions and what variables can alter its performance to best suit
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Fishing Crankbaits – Is Silent Better Than Rattles?

By Thad Rains - There are many lure choices in today’s market place. Even baits that look identical often have subtle differences hidden deep within their hollow bodies. This article is to shed a little light on the silent versus rattling plastic crankbaits. Hopefully, we can learn something in the process. I’ve been fishing a lot of crankbaits over the years and for the past 12 years, I’ve
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