October 9, 2013

Florida’s Stick Marsh and Farm 13 – Bass Fishing Hot As Ever After Hurricanes and Changing Water Conditions

By Hugh Crumpler III – Florida’s East Coast Stick Marsh and Farm 13 joined waters are experiencing a strong rebirth of vegetation and great bass fishing. At the time of this writing, there are massive amounts of vegetation in the south central and south west portions of Farm 13.  Consisting of eel grass, hydrilla and coontail, the vegetation is spreading northward. It’s easy
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Dead Guy Ale

by Stefan A. Scott  – Oregon -based Rogue Ale’s Dead Guy Ale is  a solid classic. This is a fine beer. A hazy reddish gold pour to copper-brown with thinnish white head, but lace that sticks about. The aroma advertises the floral-piney hops more than the nice roast malts that balance it. The flavor as said, is a great balance of malt & hop, with honey & pine qualities. The
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