November 11, 2013

Exciting Recent Bourbon Releases

by Jeff Ames – I’m by no means a writer, but I love bourbon and learning as much as possible about the fine amber spirit. With me actively seeking to taste as many new bourbons as possible (wow do I sound like an alcoholic), I like to pass along my experiences. Being born and raised in the amazing city of Louisville, KY (AKA the Bourbon Capital of the World) has allowed me to gain
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Video Tips Vault #10 (Fall Fishing Tips – #1)

The seasons may have changed and the action may have slowed, but with a bit of knowledge and strategy cold weather fishing can still be extremely rewarding.
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Fall Fishing’s Holy Trinity: Rock, Wood, Grass

by Rob Edwards - Fishing in the fall can be both highly rewarding, and highly frustrating, often the difference between these two results can be very small. First let’s focus on talking about the various types of structure we as bass anglers target, and in doing so I’m often reminded of the kids’ game “rock, paper, scissors”, you know, grass beats rock, but rock beats wood
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