January 2, 2014

Beer and Cheese Pairings

By  Aaron Aykanian - No, the headline is not a typo. I know that wine is the “traditional” partner for fine cheeses and sometimes that’s true. Few things are better with the tangy Ford Farm Stilton than a fine vintage Porto, or a glass of toasty and bright Champagne with the buttery Delice De Bourgogne. But there are many places in the world, including my home, where cheese is paired with
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Fishing A Jig In The Cold of Winter

by Dan Wells - Jigs will catch fish 12 months out of the year however the cold water period is when a jig can really shine! When the water temps are at their lowest during the winter many bass only eat once every few days and they prefer a meal they don’t have to work hard for and provides a large amount of protein, what better then a slow moving crawdad. A jig mimics a crawdad better than
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Are you in Fish Fighting Shape?

by Jeremiah T. Bagwell Contrary to the opinions that most people have, fishing is very much a sport that can brutalize the body. Everything from extremely rough boat rides to crazy weather conditions to poor eating habits can have a significantly negative impact on your overall performance. Unlike other sports where their elite athletes can bench press 500 pounds and have just 3% body fat,
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