March 17, 2014

EZ Angler Reader Profile: Jermaine Davis

by Brent Watters – EZ Angler likes to catch up when possible with our followers and learn about their interest in fishing and ask what tips they have for other EZ Anglers. This time we caught up with Jermaine Davis of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Some of you may have seen some of Jermaine’s awesome lunker catches on our EZ Angler Facebook and Instagram pages. How did you get into fishin
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Bringing The Outdooors Indoors – The Furniture of Donald Erickson

by Brent Watters Combine a love for fishing with some creativity, ingenuity and some good handyman skills and what do you get? Beautiful handmade custom made furniture that would be the pride and joy of any angler or outdoor enthusiast. The furnishings created by Donald Erickson of furniture. EZ Angler had a chance to catch up with Donald to learn to learn more about this
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Jacob Powroznik’s POW’r Tips

by  Jacob Powroznik There are three phases of spring fishing that every angler lives for, the pre spawn, spawn and the shad spawn. While each of these three phases can make for a great day on the lake, the shad spawn can be one of the best times to go fishing. The shad spawn is an interesting thing, it’s kind of like natures way of taking care of the bass. The bass have worked hard spawning,
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