April 19, 2014

Blue Moon Belgian-Style White

by Stefan Scott – While often-maligned, the Blue Moon White is actually a decent & drinkable offering that is readily available and nice on a summer’s evening. A product of Colorado-based Coors Brewing Company, this brew is non-filtered but pours a nice opaque-cloudy yellow with a fluffy head that holds onto some spice aroma as well as citrus. The flavor is clean and fresh, leaning
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Beer Bellies A Myth?

by Andrea Nichol Beer bellies, for some beer drinkers, are a prideful symbol of their greatest passion: drinking beer. They proudly display their rounded protuberances as testimony to their excessive consumption of their chosen ambrosia. Are beer bellies caused by an excessive intake of beer? Not according to some scientists, who claim that beer  Typically, the beer belly has been considered
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Scratching The Preseason Itch – Spring Gear Prep Tips

by Pete Wardlaw I know at this time of year it is very hard not to get a touch of cabin fever. To me it is the absolute longest part of the year because the rivers haven’t thawed yet. I have pretty much had enough ice fishing and unless you are heading way down south the boat isn’t coming out for a while yet. I scratch my preseason itch by going over all my equipment and checking everything.
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