April 21, 2014

Calling All Carps, Calling All Carps

by Paul Beauchesne Jr  (AKA Muskie) Spring is here and rivers and ponds are really starting to show signs of life and it reminds me that I need to get my sleep in now, because in a few weeks, sleep will not be an option, unless of course I don’t want to achieve my goal of catching the biggest carp in the state this year. There is no guarantee, but I know you can’t catch fish from the couch.
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Talking North vs. South Freshwater Fishing w/Pro Angler Earnest Weathersby

Whether your casual or tournament fishing, you must always consider where you are and what your fishing for, especially when your fishing either the north or south of North America, as explained by Pro Bass Angler Ernest Weathersby.
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Competitive Advantages of Mesu Bait’s Co’s Shaky Head

MESU Baits company rep and angler Catherine Porter talks with EZ Angler about what differentiates MESU’s shaky head products.
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