May 20, 2014

Have You Ever Stopped To Consider How You Can Live A Healthier More Vibrant Lifestyle?

by Patrick Joseph Cullen Many people fail to understand the simple truth that their mindset and attitude towards life affects their physical reality. However with modern-day living being so hectic it’s easy to understand why. There’s so much to contend with on any given day that it can be difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. This can be kept in check though by switching your
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I Can See Clearly Now – The History of the Beer Glass

It is well known that beer has been with mankind for a long time. As beer itself changed, expanded, and improved, so did the way in which we actually got the beer to our mouths. The earlier vessels man used for drinking included earthenware, pottery, carved out wood, and even sewn-together pieces of leather. As time went on, man saw small improvements in the quality of their beer glasses.
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