June 17, 2014

The Ultimate Walleye Box

by Dan Molokken - There are a lot of things to consider when putting together the ultimate Walleye box. We’ll just assume that we are putting one together for the Mighty Mississippi River as apposed to the Great Lakes. Crankbaits One should always have an assortment of Jointed Shad Raps, including all four of the crawdad patterns and shad patterns, along with the go-to
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Fusion rain suit by Stormr – New line of raingear reigns supreme!

by Jim Root РI recently got back from the fishing in the first Bass Pro Shops Northern Open of 2014 at Douglas Lake in Dandridge TN, where I got to see a lot of friends from the Tour and make some new ones too!  While we talked about a lot of different things, the two things that they all asked me about were my personal weather station from Weather Underground and my new Fusion rain
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2014 Chevrolet Silverado – Truck of the Year at North American Auto Show, Among Others

by Jake Bennett - While Chevrolet once lagged in auto sales, and critics argued that American car companies had lost their dominance to foreign imports, the company was not ready to fold. In fact, Chevrolet has come out of the gate, in the last few years, ready to take off full speed. They have produced several vehicles that have won over the hearts of critics and consumers alike, and 2014
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