October 15, 2014

UFO Hefeweizen

Massachusettes –based Harppon Brewery’s UFO Hefeweizen is an American unfiltered wheat beer. This  beer pours a hazy, golden with a white ad that lingers, leaving a nice lace behind.  UFO Hefeweizen settles with an aroma of citrus and grass with a hint of banana. The flavor is like a nicely hopped lemon malt-bread but not too much lemon or much sweetness, thankfully. UFO has a clean finish
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LV500’s in Fall Grass for Big Bass

By Jeremiah T. Bagwell In the fall of the year the temperatures start to drop, the wind starts to blow and a lot of anglers put away their rods and reels for the season. If this is your routine, you are doing a huge disservice to yourself and your fishing season. Statistically, I catch the largest majority of my big fish in October and November. Granted, the weather isn’t always that nice but
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