October 16, 2014

Is It Possible to Get Too Much Sleep?

By Rich Carroll There are many different reasons why people have sleep issues. Typically people don’t get enough sleep, and even though it is well-known sleep is essential for good health, many people think that they get enough sleep when in fact they are sleep deprived. Then there is much less common side of sleep; that is, people who for one reason or another get too much. This can
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Rapala DT Available in New Ike’s Custom Ink Colors

From the tattoo parlor to the bait shop, the Rapala DT series is ready to roll up a sleeve and show off four fresh, new Ike’s Custom Ink colors – Girlfriend, Rasta, Mule and Bruise.Designed personally by Michael “Ike” Iaconelli, the Ike’s Custom Ink colors are some of Ike’s secrets, he says “using something different, something unique, to catch more
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Yamaha’s New VMAX SHO 250, 225 and 200 Horsepower Outboards

Yamaha Marine Group launched a four-stroke outboard that can outperform the VMAX Series 2 and promises to revolutionize power in the bass and flats fishing realm. Called the Yamaha VMAX SHO, the family of outboards comprises 250, 225 and 200 horsepower versions. “With the VMAX SHO, Yamaha has done what everyone said couldn’t be done,” said Ben Speciale, Yamaha Marine Group
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