October 24, 2014

Double Prop Baits – Better Than The Rest

By Charles E. White -  When I first started bass fishing, I was six years old. I was using a Heddon Tiny Torpedo by an old concrete wall that had fallen in the water at Buckeye Lake. I was fishing this double prop bait and all of a sudden I had this big splash right by my bait. It almost scared me to death! I kept fishing and was ready for this fish the next time. It struck again, it was a
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Using Your Electronics

By Christian Gervais  - These days, using electronics is essentiel to locate fish. In this report, I will give you some advice on how to use your sonars and some tips on the settings. I will concentrate on 2D sonars and DownScan Imaging type of sonars. Altough there are more advance technologies like Structure Scan, 360 Imaging and other advanced feature, you will do great with a 2D sonar and
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