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Keep That Angling Back Strong With Lower Back Exercise

Anglers spend plenty of time on their feet, maintaining balance from both the shore and in the water and this puts strain on the lower back. About 75% to 85% of people experience lower back pain at some point of time in their life. The most common area of back pain is the lumbar region of the spine. This is the region that bears most of the body weight and many doctors and chiropractors will
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Five Good Reasons We Like to Fish

Fishing offers escape to people who feel confined or trapped or stressed in a work or home environment. By the nature of being on or around water, whether flowing or still, fishing offers a place of solitude where one can more easily work through the problems, difficulties and struggles of life.
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The Most Painful Catch – Zipper Shock Can Result In A Trip to the ER

By EZ Angler Staff- Fellas, how many times have you been out having a great fishing day and nature calls. In an effort to not miss any of the action you rush off to relieve yourself and quickly unzip and zip back up?  If not careful this simple act can cost you a trip to the emergency room. An estimated 17,616 guys wound up in U.S. emergency rooms between 2002 and 2012 because they caught
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Endurance Running – Strength Training for the Kayak Fisherman

By Pat Kellner (A.K.A. River Kayak Pat) Endurance is a large part of kayak fishing.  But there are two types of endurance related to kayak angling. The first type is probably what you are thinking of; the endurance to paddle long distances. If you want to improve as a tournament angler, you will need to paddle further and faster than your other competitors. This will get you to the
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Thin Places

"I paddle to fish. I fish for the challenge, the pleasure, the relaxation. I kayak fish for camaraderie, for fun, and sometimes for food. Sometimes. Sometimes these thin places are what I seek."
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