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KVD Strike King Slash Bait Jerkbait 4 3/4 inch (three hook)

  Company Description: Kevin VanDam spent close to two years designing and testing the new Strike King KVD Jerkbait before he got it just right. It’s unlike any jerkbait on the market with a wilder action than any other jerkbait he’s ever fished – and it flat gets bit. It has a really wide side-to-side travel on the jerk, and also has a lot of erratic wiggling and darting action. A
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Fisn-N-Fool Lures Super Slow Fall Jig and Kick-N-Fool trailer

EZ Angler Review: Right out the package, it’s quite noticeable the Super Slow Fall Jig offers something uniquely different. We threw the Black –N-Blue Super Slow Fall Jig and Kick-N-Fool trailer for our initial review. This system uses a 1/4 oz. lead football jig-head and weighs 3/8 oz. Despite its weight the jig offers a very slow fall presentation. The gradual decent is made possible by a
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Bomber Square A Crankbaits

Company Description: Bomber Square A Crankbaits feature top quality components and construction in great, fish catching colors. These crankbaits dive down to approximately 3 feet, perfect for running over fallen timber and weed beds and through heavy cover. The square lip design features chamfered edges that give these cranks an irresistible wide wobble while allowing them to bounce off and
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