Kayak Fishing – Understand the Basics

By Dino Cerdeira – This is a small collection of frequently asked questions about kayak fishing and kayak rigging. Question: Choosing your Kayak? This is a loaded question, because there are many factors to consider. Such as where will you be using the Kayak, Fresh or Saltwater! The size of the body of water you will be fishing in. Large wind swept bays or small ponds and lakes! How
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Sit In It or Sit On It: Choosing the Right Freshwater Fishing Kayak

By Brent Watters – To sit in or to sit on? That is the question many freshwater anglers ask when considering purchasing their first kayak. In the end, it comes down to personal choice but it’s good to understand the differences and potential pluses and minuses. Kayak fishing adds a whole new dimension to the activity of fishing; especially if you have been staring off out onto the
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Five Tips for Better Boat Organization

By Adam Smith –  Hey guys, I was out in my boat doing a little organizing and thought I would share a few things that have helped me organize my gear to help reach maximum time fishing on the water and lead to less clutter. I have listed 5 things that I have found useful and hope you can find something to help be more organized on the water. Tip #1  Lay all your gear out and become
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Thin Places

"I paddle to fish. I fish for the challenge, the pleasure, the relaxation. I kayak fish for camaraderie, for fun, and sometimes for food. Sometimes. Sometimes these thin places are what I seek."
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