• Keep Your Bait Color Selections Simple

    by Jeremiah T. Bagwell In our world of endless choices, you can walk down the aisles of any tackle shop, scan the pages of lure catalogs or point and click on any tackle website and choose fromRead More
  • Livingston Lures Introduces MultiTouch Sound Baits

    Livingston Lures revolutionized the world of hard baits in 2004 with the introduction of the original EBS Technology and EBS-powered lures, which produced the sound of an actual baitfish inRead More
  • Why Jig fisherman choose Dobyns rods.. and you should too

    By Rob Edwards- Over the past 2 seasons I have dedicated a good portion of my time on and off the water to improving my skills as a jig fisherman. It is something I came to late in life, and IRead More
  • Fizards Fish Atrractant

    By Brent Watters - Fizards offers an interesting concept in artificial attractants. This is a biodegradable substance that is completely moldable, like putty and is infused with shad oil as aRead More

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Siebert Outdoors – Bloody Shad Swim Jig

By Jeremiah T. Bagwell - One of the most effective baits in many conditions year round is the swim jig. There are hundreds of swim jigs on the market. Some of them are good and a lot of them are just garbage that has no business being in anyone’s boat or tackle bag. I have used
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Tournament Angler Danny Caldwell’s Tools of the Trade

By Danny Caldwell - With the overwhelming amount of fishing tackle, gear, apparel, and more in the industry today it’s difficult to get a perspective based solely on how the bait or equipment performs.  With the integrity of an actual product review I have taken the perspective
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Jack Hooks’ Knotless Hooks

Canton Ohio-based Jack Hooks has without question come up with an interesting concept that can help save time and in some cases the aggravation of tying knots through traditional eye hooks. We can see the use of a knotless hook being especially beneficial for novice anglers,
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Ranger Unveils the 2080VS Angler

The new Ranger 2080VS Angler delivers multipurpose boat buyers the benefits of a best-in-class fishing platform plus the increased power and
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