• Jackson Kayak’s Bite Fishing Kayak to be Available in December

    Jackson Kayak, has introduced the Bite fishing kayak, which is expected to retail for $799. The company says with the trend in price-point fishing kayaks tending towards compromise in hullRead More
  • Rod Selection Made Easy

    Here is a simple but insightful visual guide to selecting the right rod for the job (whether fishing is your job or not).     Source: Fix.com BlogRead More
  • KastKing Releases MegaJaws Baitcaster

    KastKing, a division of Eposeidon, Inc., introduced a baitcaster fishing reel series named MegaJaws. KastKing MegaJaws shark concept reflects the sense of speed, power and value of the product,Read More
  • Keep Your Bait Color Selections Simple

    by Jeremiah T. Bagwell In our world of endless choices, you can walk down the aisles of any tackle shop, scan the pages of lure catalogs or point and click on any tackle website and choose fromRead More

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Gear Reviews

Talon Realtree MAX-5 Shallow Water Anchor Overview

Talon Product Manager Brad Henry gives EZ Angler an overview of the impressive 12- and 10-foot Talon Shallow Water Anchors, featuring the cool camouflage  design. Description: Minn Kota introduces the new Realtree MAX-5 Talon shallow-water anchor, ideal for the outdoorsman who
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HT Jimmy Houston Fish Hunter Pro DX Spinning Combo (6’6″ M)

By Brent Watters HT Enterprises has brought to market an affordable mid-level combo rod and reel that delivers great fishing action and performance comparable to higher end models. The Jimmy Houston Fish Hunter Pro DX Spinning Combo features a 2-piece fiberglass rod along with a
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Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crankbait

By Brent Watters The Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crankbait has quickly made it to my must have arsenal in my tackle box, especially for shallow water cranking. What makes the Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crankbait unique is the intense free-moving action that provides the
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Gear Tips

Are You Sharper Than Your Hook – Keeping Your Hook Sharp

by Eric Moynihan Have you ever set your hook, ready to pull what could be the big one that legends are made of only to end up reeling in no story
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Spinning Reels, Is Bigger Better?

Pro Angler Steve Chiasson answers the question: “What is the best size for a spinning reel when it is used for finesse fishing
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Tackling Bass Lure Basics: Bass Lure Selection Simplified

by Mike Cork – Most bass fishing anglers own enough artificial lures to fill a small tackle store. Yet a bass angler only needs a handful
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Boater Etiquette – Ensuring A Second Invitation

by Steve Agius So you got invited to go on a fishing boat… If you’re a non boater like me and you love to fish, that phone call is like waking up
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