• Keep Your Bait Color Selections Simple

    by Jeremiah T. Bagwell In our world of endless choices, you can walk down the aisles of any tackle shop, scan the pages of lure catalogs or point and click on any tackle website and choose fromRead More
  • Livingston Lures Introduces MultiTouch Sound Baits

    Livingston Lures revolutionized the world of hard baits in 2004 with the introduction of the original EBS Technology and EBS-powered lures, which produced the sound of an actual baitfish inRead More
  • Why Jig fisherman choose Dobyns rods.. and you should too

    By Rob Edwards- Over the past 2 seasons I have dedicated a good portion of my time on and off the water to improving my skills as a jig fisherman. It is something I came to late in life, and IRead More
  • Fizards Fish Atrractant

    By Brent Watters - Fizards offers an interesting concept in artificial attractants. This is a biodegradable substance that is completely moldable, like putty and is infused with shad oil as aRead More

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Gear Reviews

Talon Realtree MAX-5 Shallow Water Anchor Overview

Talon Product Manager Brad Henry gives EZ Angler an overview of the impressive 12- and 10-foot Talon Shallow Water Anchors, featuring the cool camouflage  design. Description: Minn Kota introduces the new Realtree MAX-5 Talon shallow-water anchor, ideal for the outdoorsman who
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HT Jimmy Houston Fish Hunter Pro DX Spinning Combo (6’6″ M)

By Brent Watters HT Enterprises has brought to market an affordable mid-level combo rod and reel that delivers great fishing action and performance comparable to higher end models. The Jimmy Houston Fish Hunter Pro DX Spinning Combo features a 2-piece fiberglass rod along with a
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Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crankbait

By Brent Watters The Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crankbait has quickly made it to my must have arsenal in my tackle box, especially for shallow water cranking. What makes the Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crankbait unique is the intense free-moving action that provides the
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Gear Tips

Keeping It Organized

by Rick Lawrence (AKA The Fish-N-Fool) If you’re a serious Bass, Pike or Musky fisherman the one thing you don’t want to do it is have to hunt
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Custom Fishing Rods vs. Store Bought Fishing Rods – Understanding the Custom Approach

By Redd Hutchinson – There are thousands of options available when buying a new fishing rod. The big manufacturers make almost any size,
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Understanding The Walleye Harness

By Daniel Rego – This rig was what kicked it off… Before there were fishermen whom used lures, there were the old timers whom used
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Thin Places

"I paddle to fish. I fish for the challenge, the pleasure, the relaxation. I kayak fish for camaraderie, for fun, and sometimes for food.
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