Talon Realtree MAX-5 Shallow Water Anchor Overview

Talon Product Manager Brad Henry gives EZ Angler an overview of the impressive 12- and 10-foot Talon Shallow Water Anchors, featuring the cool camouflage  design. Description: Minn Kota introduces the new Realtree MAX-5 Talon shallow-water anchor, ideal for the outdoorsman who loves the water as much as the woods. The MAX-5 camo pattern will be available this fall on 10- and 12-foot Talon
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Pro Review: The Mighty Power-Pole MICRO Anchor

  Talk about innovation in sport and recreation freshwater fishing. The new Power-Pole MICRO Anchor supports everything from kayaks and John Boats to fibgerglass and flat boats. The system is designed on a totally new platform separate from the Blade and original Power-Pole series. This impressive invention that the guys at JL Marine Systems have come up with has the ability to change the
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