How To Choose A Spinnerbait

By Kevin O’Neil – The spinnerbait is a must-have lure for bass fishermen and while most know of its successful design as a lure, not all know the differences in spinnerbait designs or how to tell when specific designs are more appropriate than others. To become comfortable with the spinnerbait you must understand how it functions and what variables can alter its performance to
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SPRO Bronzeye Jr. Frog

Company Description: The Rojas Signature Series Bronzeye Jr has a real attitude and is a leaner, meaner version of its big brother. The body has been redesigned to maximize the hook-up ratio and these smaller frogs come standard with a new Gamakatsu Superline 3/0 EWG Double hook. The Rojas Series are available in a whole array of colors to cover any situation. The Bronzeye Jr. can be fished
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Breaking the Mold – Fishing new waters requires anglers to break old habits

By Chris Futch – I wash my truck every weekend. I use the same hose, the same scrub brush, the same soap, and for the most part, the same routine. Why the same thing every time? Because it works. Over time, I’ve figured out what works well for me when it comes to washing my truck and I’ve developed a pattern. The same can be said for my bass fishing. I grew up fishing a very large
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