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The Man Behind the ATF (Addicted To Fishing) Facebook Group – Topwater Tony

Having become one of the fastest growing social E-zines and communities on the web, it’s easy for EZ Angler to see the unique lives of anglers globally, their passion for fishing and their individual efforts to connect with the rest of the fishing world. Topwater Tony is one of those charismatic anglers in the social fishing community that stands out, – having made a mark in the social
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Big Bass Dream’s Oliver Nyg Talks Big Baits for Big Fish and Chasing the Dream

EZ Angler catches up with Big Bass Dream’s Oliver Nyg and talk about the use of big baits for big time bass fishing and how he pursued his dream for only the biggest bass. Californian Oliver is known for having the most incredible run of fishing that a person could only dream about.  In a 7 week span, he hooked and landed 17 fish from 10lbs to 13lbs 5oz.  Breaking personal best twice in
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