Can You Stop A Fish Bleeding From The Gills With Coke or Sprite?

By James Green – I’d never heard of this topic until the other day, but with a quick search I soon found a lot of other people talking about the same thing. It seems there are anglers all over the place pouring carbonated drinks into their fish in an effort to stop them bleeding from the gills. But can Coke, Sprite or Mountain Dew really help or is it just an old wives tale? For
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Out With the Old Ways of Handling Deep Hooked Bass

by Rick Lawrence –  (A.K.A. The Fish-N-Fool) Too many anglers have been told for years that the best way to handle a deep hooked bass was to cut the line at the hook eye and let it rust out. I have for about the last 20 years never left a hook in a bass. I believe in that whole time I’ve been fishing I have only have killed one bass and that was because it got hooked in the gills and
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