Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crankbait

By Brent Watters The Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crankbait has quickly made it to my must have arsenal in my tackle box, especially for shallow water cranking. What makes the Storm Arashi Silent Square Bill Crankbait unique is the intense free-moving action that provides the needed twitch to catch the attention of nearby fish while tracking true the entire time upon retrieve. The cranks
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That Crankbait Won’t Hunt. Or Will It? Crankbait Modifications – Part 1

by Thad Rains – What we will explore is modifications that might enhance your existing crankbaits and look at changes that will enhance performance and help some crankbaits hunt or react differently than most other baits. Some of these modifications are very basic, that most fishermen do anyway.  But there is the opportunity to change the look, sounds, running depth of your lures
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Winter Cranking – Moving to Cover More

by Chad Horton – As the water temp drops bass fishing tends to get a little tougher as most species of fish become less active and don’t pursue prey as aggressively as they did during the warmer months. This is a time when some anglers reach for jigs or jerkbaits, but I opt for crankbaits. With depth and water clarity as considerations, the use of crankbaits allows me to cover a lot of
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