Beer Bellies A Myth?

by Andrea Nichol Beer bellies, for some beer drinkers, are a prideful symbol of their greatest passion: drinking beer. They proudly display their rounded protuberances as testimony to their excessive consumption of their chosen ambrosia. Are beer bellies caused by an excessive intake of beer? Not according to some scientists, who claim that beer  Typically, the beer belly has been considered
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Tending To That Nasty Hangover

by EZ Angler Staff – So, you had a fun night out on the town last night with your romantic partner or a few close friends.  Although you may have had a great time the night before, you may be feeling a little bit out of sorts and suffer from a pounding headache the next day, because  you consumed your fair share of your favorite, or in some cases not so favorite, booze the night before.
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