LV500’s in Fall Grass for Big Bass

By Jeremiah T. Bagwell In the fall of the year the temperatures start to drop, the wind starts to blow and a lot of anglers put away their rods and reels for the season. If this is your routine, you are doing a huge disservice to yourself and your fishing season. Statistically, I catch the largest majority of my big fish in October and November. Granted, the weather isn’t always that nice but
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Flipping Baits For Success

by Adam Smith Through out the year my most consistent technique is flipping and pitching, whether it be structure or vegetation flipping produces fish. To be successful during spring, summer, and fall you must change up area/depths you are flipping, the structure or vegetation your flipping, and the baits your flipping. There could be hundreds of articles written on flipping but in this one I
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