Feelin’ Froggy? Topwater Frog Tactics

  By Dan Wells – It’s post spawn and early summer. The water is warm and big bass are eating often. Some of the most exciting fishing you could ever have is right in front of you. Top water frog fishing! With a little patience, the right equipment and some confidence, provide to you in this article, you will be ready for hand to hand combat with big fish, heavy cover, and shallow
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SPRO Bronzeye Jr. Frog

Company Description: The Rojas Signature Series Bronzeye Jr has a real attitude and is a leaner, meaner version of its big brother. The body has been redesigned to maximize the hook-up ratio and these smaller frogs come standard with a new Gamakatsu Superline 3/0 EWG Double hook. The Rojas Series are available in a whole array of colors to cover any situation. The Bronzeye Jr. can be fished
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