The Pressure Anglers Thrive On! Understanding Barometric Pressure Key to Patterning Big Bass

by Jim Root  – Recently I was having a discussion with my friends Gary Dobyns, Mike Barone, and Goodyear Pro John McGoey about the significance, or lack thereof, in the relationship between barometric pressure and bass fishing. In 2004 I began journaling my fishing trips, and trying to gather as much data from the internet as I could find. Frontal systems, wind direction, moon phase,
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Dropshotting With A Twist

By Rick Lawrence (A.K.A The Fish-N-Fool ) I want to share with you a neat new way I found to catch river Smallmouth on a dropshot, but with a new twist! I call it “The Drag the Dropshot” method. I found this method kind of by accident. It was early November and the weather was fair but a cold front had moved in and the water temps were dropping down into the low 50’s. I was
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Breaking the Mold – Fishing new waters requires anglers to break old habits

By Chris Futch – I wash my truck every weekend. I use the same hose, the same scrub brush, the same soap, and for the most part, the same routine. Why the same thing every time? Because it works. Over time, I’ve figured out what works well for me when it comes to washing my truck and I’ve developed a pattern. The same can be said for my bass fishing. I grew up fishing a very large
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