Getting Jiggy With Walleye

  By EZ Angler Staff – Jigging is one of the most effective ways of catching the aggressive and sporty walleye. Jigs coupled with either live minnow or a 3” to 4” grub allows for a stealth approach and provides the right presentation for fishing Walleye. Use either a ¼ ounce or 1/8 ounce jig that allows for casting along the base of shore line and just heavy enough to be in contact
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Where to Find Bass

By Rick Lawrence (A.K.A The Fish-N-Fool ) –  Let’s talk a little bit on how and where to find bass. First off let me say that bass lake structures vary greatly across the country. Bass lakes range from the huge shallow lakes of Florida, to the deep muddy reservoirs in Virginia, or the deep super clear lakes in California. Wood is Good However some things hold true in almost any place
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