Why Jig fisherman choose Dobyns rods.. and you should too

By Rob Edwards- Over the past 2 seasons I have dedicated a good portion of my time on and off the water to improving my skills as a jig fisherman. It is something I came to late in life, and I still have a lot to learn. A major part of this learning includes finding the best jig for the job, and even more importantly the best jig rod. I could sit here today and go over the rods and jigs I use
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The Reel Truth: What You Need To Know About Today’s Reelz

By Neil Dootson – The information provided in this article is based in my own research and does not reflect the views of any other person or company. The reels spoken of in this article and the issues I have found with them are not a direct reference to any specific reel manufacturer. With that being said, all the information contained within is strictly from my years of experience
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Setting It Right – Techniques for Proper Hook Settting

  Proper hook setting is not a mindless action but a skill if you intend on bringing in that big catch. Three skilled bass anglers that have spent years perfecting their hook setting techniques share their techniques and advice with EZ Angler. ¬†Kris Johnson – Tournament Angler It’s dependent upon the lure being used. When I use a Senko I look for the line to twitch then feel
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