Rapala DT Available in New Ike’s Custom Ink Colors

From the tattoo parlor to the bait shop, the Rapala DT series is ready to roll up a sleeve and show off four fresh, new Ike’s Custom Ink colors – Girlfriend, Rasta, Mule and Bruise.Designed personally by Michael “Ike” Iaconelli, the Ike’s Custom Ink colors are some of Ike’s secrets, he says “using something different, something unique, to catch more
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Brent Chapman Talks MESU Bait’s Raptor Swim Jig

Raptor Swim Jig Description: Combining elements from a traditional Texas-rig, wobble-head, and skirted jig, the MESU Raptor Swim Jig utilizes an innovative design that gives trailers more action, and anglers more fish. The secret behind the MESU Raptor Jig is its patent-pending free-hanging hook design. This free-swinging design gives the MESU Raptor Swim Jig all of the action of a wobble
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Add a Little Flash to Your Swimbait

by Stephen Hegarty – Soft plastic swimbaits have become fairly popular in the last few years. On top of simply swimming them, they can be dragged on a football head, used as a trailer on a spinner bait or a swim jig and are a key component in the controversial Alabama rig. Adding a small willow leaf to the bend of your swim bait hook will give your swim bait a little flash, and add
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