The Ultimate Walleye Box

by Dan Molokken – There are a lot of things to consider when putting together the ultimate Walleye box. We’ll just assume that we are putting one together for the Mighty Mississippi River as apposed to the Great Lakes. Crankbaits One should always have an assortment of Jointed Shad Raps, including all four of the crawdad patterns and shad patterns, along with the go-to
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Understanding The Walleye Harness

By Daniel Rego – This rig was what kicked it off… Before there were fishermen whom used lures, there were the old timers whom used bait! The primary function of a harness is to rig baits and give your presentation an extra attractant. Creating a harness requires only a few materials, many of which you may already have in your tackle box. Typically harnesses are outfitted with a
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Getting Jiggy With Walleye

  By EZ Angler Staff – Jigging is one of the most effective ways of catching the aggressive and sporty walleye. Jigs coupled with either live minnow or a 3” to 4” grub allows for a stealth approach and provides the right presentation for fishing Walleye. Use either a ¼ ounce or 1/8 ounce jig that allows for casting along the base of shore line and just heavy enough to be in contact
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