What’s the Deal With Fishing UV Baits? TightLinesUV Lure Co. Explains

Brett Ware, President of TightLinesUV Lure Co.talks with EZ Angler about the the correlation between UV Rays and visual tracking by bass and other predator fish. (coming soon EZ Angler independent review of Tight Lines UV lures)
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Fishing Style and Lure Selection Based on Weather Conditions

Veteran Pro Angler Earnest Weathersby Explains Successful Bait and Fishing Styles Based on Certain Weather Conditions. Be sure to check out Earnest on his website Follow Earnest on Facebook
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The Pressure Anglers Thrive On! Understanding Barometric Pressure Key to Patterning Big Bass

by Jim Root  РRecently I was having a discussion with my friends Gary Dobyns, Mike Barone, and Goodyear Pro John McGoey about the significance, or lack thereof, in the relationship between barometric pressure and bass fishing. In 2004 I began journaling my fishing trips, and trying to gather as much data from the internet as I could find. Frontal systems, wind direction, moon phase,
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