Winter Cranking – Moving to Cover More

by Chad Horton – As the water temp drops bass fishing tends to get a little tougher as most species of fish become less active and don’t pursue prey as aggressively as they did during the warmer months. This is a time when some anglers reach for jigs or jerkbaits, but I opt for crankbaits. With depth and water clarity as considerations, the use of crankbaits allows me to cover a lot of
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Tips For Winter Boat Storage

by Donald Gasaway – A survey done by Boat US marine insurance found that most damage done to boats in storage is done by four legged vandals rather than two legged one. Bass boats are likely to be damaged by critters during the off season.  This is probably due to the fact that they are put away uncleaned.  Carpets, live wells and upholstery hold smells from the many fish that have been
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Samuel Adams Winter Lager

by Stefan Scott – A lovely seasonal offering from the Boston Beer Brewing Company. This beer is readily available on draught, which is a grand thing. A clear dark amber pour with a fluffy but not bubbly off-white/beige-yellow head with nice lace retention throughout. The aroma offers a spiced caramel malt as does the taste, although with a fine & not overwhelmingly nice hop floral
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