Big Bite Baits 5-inch Flying Squirrels

Designed by professional angler Jeff Kriet, Big Bite Baits 5-inch Flying Squirrels provide excellent results. With a little knowledge of the water your fishing and where to throw, these baits almost made it impossible not to walk away without a catch.  Capable of being fished in numerous ways, we fished this creature bait Texas Rig style and weightless on a wide gap hook, getting some great
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Breaking the Mold – Fishing new waters requires anglers to break old habits

By Chris Futch – I wash my truck every weekend. I use the same hose, the same scrub brush, the same soap, and for the most part, the same routine. Why the same thing every time? Because it works. Over time, I’ve figured out what works well for me when it comes to washing my truck and I’ve developed a pattern. The same can be said for my bass fishing. I grew up fishing a very large
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