April 23, 2014

Will The Real Jig Head Please Stand-up

by John Boudreau Anyone who hasn’t added the “Spider Grub” technique to their repertoire is missing out on a great approach to landing big fish, especially when the going gets tough. This approach requires the combination of a jig head, and a 4” or 5” soft plastic skirted twin tail grub. The Spider Grub is fished similar to a jig, capable of being swam, dragged, suspended and even
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Boater Etiquette – Ensuring A Second Invitation

by Steve Agius So you got invited to go on a fishing boat… If you’re a non boater like me and you love to fish, that phone call is like waking up at Christmas time when you were a toddler. Your brain goes into overdrive and you ask yourself, what lures should I tie on, how many rods should I bring and the list goes on. Before you go any further you need to STOP and think about the boater.
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