EZ Angler Featured Wading Babe: Christine

You know EZ Angler greatly appreciates a woman who loves the outdoors, and especially one that loves to fish. Meet Christine, EZ Angler’s Featured Wading Babe. An adventurous sole and a self-proclaimed “simple southern girl from Florida,” Christine can be found spending much of her down time by any body of water with a fishing pole in hand and her faithful dog Mya by her side. “I’m always ready for the next outdoor adventure.”

Being a Floridian, Christine has her choice of salt and freshwater fishing, but by far fishing the flats for Reds is her favorite. “Something about seeing that tail come up just gets my blood flowing. Also, sight fishing Reds is a lot more of a challenge. You really have to have the perfect cast to hook them.” Christine has been fishing since as far back as she can remember. “It’s just in me.”

Also a self-proclaimed “mermaid” Christine says, “If I could I would live under the sea. I love everything about the salt life and what it has to offer. The ocean is so peaceful and is my favorite place on earth.”

And where else might you find this southern beauty if she’s not on the water looking to snag the next big catch? “If I’m not fishing I’m on the beach or in the woods either hiking or shooting.”

You can follow Christine on Instagram at: @christinepulliam

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