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“Wanna Catch Fish? Don’t Be a Fool! Tie on a Fish-N-Fool Lure & get bit!” 

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About Fish-N-Fool Lures

Fish-N-Fool Lures are made from the finest of extra soft hand pour plastics and use the best glitters and coloring available. Our Sink-N-Fool baits have a unique forward gliding horizontal fall that no other bait in the industry has. Our heavy salt baits we use a special salt that we manufacture ourselves that suspends in the bait better to give them a more life like feel and taste that will out fish all other sinking baits.

No matter if you fish for Largemouth, Smallmouth or Spotted Bass or if you are a tournament pro or a first time Bass fisherman you are going to love The Sink-N-Fool bait. Here at Fish-N-Fool lures we strive to make truly unique “one of a kind” baits (like our new Super Slow Fall jigs), that are not available anywhere else and have more color and flash then the other.

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isit Fish-N-Fool Lures And See What You Can Catch

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