Rye Whisky, Rye Whisky – More Than A Song

By Steve Szceblowski (Dr. Mix) – “Rye whisky, rye whisky, You’re no friend to me; You killed my poor daddy, Goddamn you, try me. (Traditional Folk Song)” Just a few short years ago, you’d be lucky to find a dusty bottle of Rye whiskey at your neighborhood liquor store, or like myself you may have confused Rye with the fruit-floating concoction Rock n’ Rye (maybe the
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30 Shots Recipes

Pouring straight is always nice but why not mix it up! Here is a list of 30 different shots types that may give you that extra GiddyUp!!!!!!! Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.  
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