Cody Ryan Greaney Reviews The TFO Gary Loomis Signature Series rods

Cody Ryan Greaney, Professional Angler and host of the The Outdoor Zone – 104.9 ESPN Austin, discusses the Temple Fork Outfitter’s Gary Loomis Signature Series rods. Cody explains the  combination of new, high-tech materials to give these rods the optimum mix of power and sensitivity. Company Description “Gary’s one-piece Signature rods are a rich motor oil with
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Bringing The Outdooors Indoors – The Furniture of Donald Erickson

by Brent Watters Combine a love for fishing with some creativity, ingenuity and some good handyman skills and what do you get? Beautiful handmade custom made furniture that would be the pride and joy of any angler or outdoor enthusiast. The furnishings created by Donald Erickson of furniture. EZ Angler had a chance to catch up with Donald to learn to learn more about this
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Custom Fishing Rods vs. Store Bought Fishing Rods – Understanding the Custom Approach

By Redd Hutchinson – There are thousands of options available when buying a new fishing rod. The big manufacturers make almost any size, length, power, action you can dream up. But what’s the  benefits of having your rod custom made instead of buying over the counter? The majority of the big manufacturers make their rods in batches, meaning the may make 2,000 medium heavy/fast rods with
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