Dropshotting With A Twist

By Rick Lawrence (A.K.A The Fish-N-Fool ) I want to share with you a neat new way I found to catch river Smallmouth on a dropshot, but with a new twist! I call it “The Drag the Dropshot” method. I found this method kind of by accident. It was early November and the weather was fair but a cold front had moved in and the water temps were dropping down into the low 50’s. I was
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Night Creeping – Fishing for Things That Go Splash in the Night

By EZ Angler Staff – The classic image of bass fishing is waking up at the crack of dawn and hitting the water just as the morning sun begins to fill the sky. Or exploring the banks of a riverbed on a warm sunny afternoon. However, some bass enthusiasts have discovered the night holds a special fishing experience – offering another layer of intrigue, excitement and heart pounding
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