Beginner Tips for Northern Pike Ice Fishing

By Jay Bryce Pike are popular quarry of ice fishermen. Though they are primarily pursued with tip ups, baited with live minnows or suckers, they can be taken with rod and reel, either jigging or fishing with bait. Most fishermen use a fairly large hook, such as a No. 1 or No. 2 short shanked single hook or a No. 1 or No. 1/0 treble attached to a steel leader one to three feet long. The steel
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Casting Out the Devil: In Pursuit of the Northern Pike

by Eric Moynihan  – Although not a mythical beast, the Northern Pike is a fish that legends are made of. Anyone who has had the pleasure of battling a fish so strong, so mean, baring a mouth full of teeth that can cut any angler’s hand to the bone can attest to why some liken the Pike  to some demon fish. The Northern Pike is a carnivorous creature taking in frogs, mice, ducklings,
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Ice Cold Pike – Strategy For Ice Fishing Pike

by Rick Lawrence – If you’re like most Pike fisherman you either switch to ice fishing with dead bait or give up all together when the weather starts turning cold, but I’m going to tell you how to catch some big Pike all winter long fishing from the comfort of your boat using only lures. I’ve had days where my partner and I landed over a dozen fish, so it can be very productive. I
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